Jim Grobe: I'd be a better head coach now than I've ever been

Former Wake Forest football coach Jim Grobe dropped by The David Glenn Show on Tuesday to discuss the issue of concussions in football, the way his time in Winston-Salem ended and whether or not he plans to get back into coaching. During the conversation, Grobe talked about what he’s been up to the last couple of years.

“We decided when we got out not to jump right back into it,” Grobe said. “I really felt like it would be good for me to have an opportunity to look at the things we did good at Wake Forest, look at the things that we could’ve improved on and actually have a chance to watch what other people are doing.

“I think that right now I’d probably be a better head coach than I have ever been, but getting the opportunity to do that is not easy.”

In addition, the 63-year-old compared the end of his tenure at Wake Forest to the way Ruffin McNeill’s time ended at ECU. Click below to hear the full interview: