Gaudio on Prosser: ‘I never knew a better person’

Seven years have passed since the death of Wake Forest basketball coach Skip Prosser, who was appreciated not only for his success on the court but also for his character and leadership off of it. This week, Prosser’s longtime assistant and eventual successor in Winston-Salem, Dino Gaudio, joined The David Glenn Show to share memories of his mentor.

One of the qualities Prosser was known for, Gaudio said, was his ability to form bonds with all the people in his life.

“When he passed away, the ladies in the cafeteria at Xavier and Wake Forest, they cried because he had a relationship with those people, too,” Gaudio recounted. “He really had a common touch about himself.”

Gaudio also discussed what it was like working with Prosser on the high school level and the impact the late coach had on his players. To hear the full interview, click below: