How often do UNC’s coaches address the 35-7 loss to NC State?

North Carolina quarterback Marquise Williams was one of the many guests to join The David Glenn Show on Monday at the 2015 ACC Football Kickoff. Williams is entering his final year with the Tar Heels after a junior season that included 3,073 passing yards, 21 passing touchdowns, 13 rushing touchdowns and second-team All-ACC honors.

Just minutes into the interview, the signal-caller mentioned how UNC is using its 35-7 loss to NC State last November as a source of motivation for the 2015 season. But is it the players or the coaches who talk about it the most?

“It’s more the players,” Williams said. “Coaches move on from games to games, as they should, but players — past seniors talk about, ‘you can’t let that happen again this year.'”

Williams pointed out that the blowout loss from last fall didn’t just affect the players.

“That was bad for us,” the quarterback stated. “For our fans, just for the community and the university. That was horrible.”

During the conversation, Williams also talked about The Walking Dead and how he’s feeling after sitting out spring ball. Click below to hear the full interview: