Gottfried: “This group has battled”


Mark Gottfried is the only current ACC head coach who can say he has taken his current school to the NCAA Tournament every year. That is nothing to sneeze at. It’s also likely to change this season.

“We’ve gotten used to [being in the tournament],” Gottfried said. “Our players got used to that; our fans are used to that. I want them to be used to that. That’s where you have to be to compete for a national championship.”

But as Gottfried prepares the Wolfpack (14-13, 4-10) for a stretch run and the ACC Tournament, he sees a lot to be proud of, both from individuals and the team collectively. He’s seen effort from the Wolfpack players on the court, and in an interview on Tuesday on The David Glenn Show, Gottfried pointed out the team has had no off-the-court issues resulting in suspensions or dismissals — often a sign of players who have given up on the season.

Most importantly, Gottfried noted, with the way college basketball works, NC State is still competing for that trip to the NCAA Tournament.

“Hopefully we have a lot left in us so there is a good story to be written for this team,” Gottfried said. “Because you never know until it’s over.”