Vegas 16 for N.C. State?

N.C. State head coach Mark Gottfried was asked about any potential postseason plans following his team’s 92-89 loss to Duke in the second round of the ACC Tournament Wednesday afternoon at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. The question specifically included the NIT or College Basketball Invitational (CBI).

“We’ll wait and see,” Gottfried answered. “That’s a decision that we’ll make. I think the most important thing right now for us is we need to go get healed up a little bit … Lennard [Freeman] is limping all over the floor. It’s like a MASH unit in there. Cody [Martin], he sprained his ankle a little bit early. I know Cat [Barber] is hurting, but he’s not going to use that as an excuse … We got to get healthy. Then we can make a decision what’s best for us to do right now as we go forward.”

That Gottfried reply may provide a clue for what could be potentially in the Wolfpack’s plans…