Mark Gottfried joins Elliott Avent on David Glenn Show

NC State baseball coach Elliott Avent took over the David Glenn show on Wednesday, July 15. One of his guests was Wolfpack basketball head coach Mark Gottfried.

Gottfried teased Avent, saying, “he’s at out practice almost as much as (basketball assistant) Bobby Lutz.”

Gottfried also talked about the Wolfpack alumni competing in NBA Summer League: “Lorenzo (Brown) really stands out right now. He’s played really really well with Minnesota. Whether it’s with Minnesota or not, I feel confident that he’s going to be on an NBA roster again this year. T.J. (Warren) has played really well.”

Both coaches compared their jobs. Coach Avent said he envied basketball coaches for getting to make “in game decisions that have an impact on your team. We have to do stuff in practice and then leave them alone during the game.”

Gottfried said the best part about his job is, “I’m glad I don’t have to wear a uniform to coach.”

Listen to the full conversation here.