Top ACC football coaches by win percentage in the modern era

11. Dick Crum: 63.4% (1978-1987) — UNC

North Carolina coach Dick Crum holding up the Bluebonnet Bowl trophy New Year’s Eve night, Dec. 31, 1980 in Houston after his Tar Heels defeated the University of Texas by score of 16-7. (AP Photo/Ed Kolenovsky)

Between 1979 and 1983, the Tar Heels did not drop below an eight-win season under head coach Dick Crum. The legacy that Crum built for UNC was epitomized in 1980, when he coached North Carolina to win the ACC conference championship — which has not been done since — and beat Texas in the Bluebonnet Bowl in the postseason. During his 10-year term with the Tar Heels, Crum coached players like linebacker Lawrence Taylor, offensive lineman Harris Barton and running back Kelvin Bryant, who all made strides in the NFL. Despite falling short during his last four seasons, Crum still holds the highest win percentage at UNC, with current head coach Mack Brown closely trailing behind him.

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