Report: NCAA expected to alter transfer policies for Basketball, Football

According to a report from Dan Wolken at USA TODAY Sports, the NCAA is likely to approve new guidelines that could complicate the waiver process for basketball and football transfer players. The NCAA Division I council will meet on Wednesday to discuss these new proposed procedures.

As Wolken notes, the goal of these new measures would be “in many cases appear to specify and narrow the circumstances in which athletes should be given waivers and raise the documentation requirements to obtain them.”

These aren’t new rules; it’s a series of guidelines for the Committee on Legislative Relief, according to Wolken’s report. After a busy offseason with the transfer portal in football and basketball, this is seen as a response — due to frustrated schools and fans over what could be seen as inconsistencies in how cases are handled.

Essentially the bar has been raised for programs that are looking to add new players via the transfer portal; part of that process includes new, updated language in the guidelines, along with a new policy that requires documentation from the previous school that an athlete was run off by a coach. In this new procedure, the previous school’s athletics director will have a great deal of power.

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