Quick notes on the 2020-21 ACC Basketball Schedule

The schedule for the 2020-21 ACC Basketball season is out; and there was much rejoicing in the kingdom/footprint. The 20-game conference schedule will start Dec. 12 and run through March 6. Following that, the 2021 ACC Tournament will run March 9-13 in Washington D.C.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, each ACC team will play its two primary rivals both home and away (a total four games) and four repeat opponents — both home and away (eight more games). After that, the remaining eight matchups will be single games — four at home, four on the road.

With all of this in mind, a couple quick notes on the ACC Basketball Schedule:


Quick Notes

  • The first conference game of the 2020-21 season: Syracuse at Boston College, Dec. 12 (Saturday)
  • NC State will play a home-and-home with North Carolina; the first game will take place Dec. 22 in Raleigh. The rematch is set for Chapel Hill on Jan. 21.
    • The Wolfpack will play Wake Forest twice, too
    • However, NC State will play Duke just once this season — Feb. 13 in Raleigh
  • While perusing the schedule, it’s easy to notice that dates for some games are floating — essentially certain games will take place on one of two dates
    • For example: the first matchup between Wake Forest and NC State, which is set for Raleigh, will take place on either Jan. 26 (Tuesday) or Jan. 27 (Wednesday)
  • UNC will open its 20-game conference slate on Dec. 22 against NC State
  • Unsurprisingly, Duke will have no fans in stands for (all winter sports) games this season


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