Power Five Conferences look to pressure NCAA, consider staging own fall sports championships

According to multiple media reports, Power Five conference administrators are considering the possibility of putting on their own championships for fall sports in 2020.

Sports Illustrated, which first reported these discussions, reports that P5 official have sought feedback and input from member schools on this topic in recent days. The Power Five includes the ACC, SEC, Big Ten, Big 12 and Pac-12.

The initiative for this comes amid concerns that the NCAA Board of Governors could potentially postpone or cancel fall sports championships. College athletics continues to swim in uncharted waters due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. What continues to become more and more apparent is that not everyone is swimming at the same depth of water.

The NCAA Board of Governors are set to meet next week: Tuesday, Aug. 4. During this meeting, the BOG is expected to make a decision on what to do with fall sports.

It’s important to note, though: whatever decision the BOG makes won’t have a direct impact of FBS college football. The College Football Playoff isn’t sponsored by the NCAA.

As of now, there are wavering opinions on the feasibility of pulling off such a massive task during a pandemic; concerns also exist on setting a risky precedent. (This can also be spun as a necessary first step for reforming major college athletics, too.)

This could be a leverage play from the Power Fives — one with the ultimate goal of maintaining a football season and all of its money. However, CBS Sports confirms that the Power Five leagues could financially afford such an opportunity with fall sports.