NCAA Board of Directors recommends to not allow one-time waiver exemption

According to a tweet from Brett McMuphy, the NCAA Board of Directors has made the recommendation to not allow one-time waiver exemptions. This, of course, runs counter to a suggestion from the suggestion of the NCAA transfer working group.

The NCAA Division I Council met on April 24 to discuss the proposal; initially, it was believed that after a vote on May 20, the initiative would pass and go into effect immediately.

Athletes would be allowed to transfer and receive instant eligibility without needing to redshirt or apply for another waiver/exemption. This would function similarly to graduate transfer rules, which were updated recently, too.

However, that’s not exactly what happened. In fact, after last Friday’s meeting, the NCAA Division I Council suggested that the vote be pushed back in Jan. 2021.

As of now, though, the vote is still expected to take place on May 20. But it’s unlikely that the waiver exemption will go into effect immediately.