Jay Bilas on the state of college basketball amidst COVID-19: “There are significant questions going forward as to whether we’re doing the right thing”

ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas joins Josh Graham on WSJS Sports Hub. Due to COVID-19, the 2020-21 college basketball season started on uneven footing — to put it mildly. However, as case rates of the virus climb nationally (in alarming numbers), the sport has been called into question.

Looking at just the ACC: three ACC-Big Ten Challenge matchups were called off due to positive COVID-19 results at Louisville, NC State and Virginia. NC State and Virginia paused team activities.

Following his team’s loss to Illinois on Tuesday night, Mike Krzyzewski was vocal with his concerns with the current state of the virus and its impact of the sport — players and staff. Bilas was a part of ESPN’s broadcast for Duke-Illinois; he, too, stated his concerns. (Earlier this week, Pitt coach Jeff Capel, a former Duke assistant, called out the NCAA as well.)

The following night — during the Florida State-Indiana game — Bilas again stated the need for a national conversation on the sport and where things stand, given the concerns and what’s being asked of the players. Essentially, would it make more sense to temporarily put the season on pause, then resume at a later date?

During the interview with Graham, Bilas again restates the need for dialogue on what’s the best course forward with the sport, while also taking NCAA leadership to task.

The NCAA is made up the member of institutions; everybody has responsibility in this. It’s not a question for Mark Emmert; it’s a question for the entire enterprise. But Emmert has been conspicuously silent, as has NCAA leadership in Indianapolis, and conference commissioners. They need to be discussing this.

According to Bilas, there are more than a couple of coaches around the country that are worried with how things are trending with the sport.


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