Which ACC school spends the most on football?

According to a list compiled by Syracuse.com — based off data filed by schools to comply with the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act — Florida State spends more money than any other ACC school its football program. In fact, only Alabama, FSU’s upcoming opponent, spend more last year on football.

There were only three other full-time ACC programs that ranked inside the top 25 of football spending — amongst Power Five schools: Clemson, Virginia Tech and Miami.

All three of those schools spend above $28 million on their football programs.


Ranked: How much did each school spend?

Here’s the numerical order of how much each ACC school spent on football; the accompanying national rank is in parentheses.

The numbers include a variety of factors: coaching staff salaries, academic aid and recruiting finances. The AP states, though, two critical factors aren’t baked into this cake: money paid to coaches through multimedia partners, and cash put towards facilities.

  1. Florida State (No.2): $42.46 million
  2. Notre Dame* (No. 4): $38.97 million
  3. Clemson (No. 10): $34.67 million
  4. Virginia Tech (No. 16): $31.15 million
  5. Miami (No. 25): $28.47 million
  6. Duke (No. 36): $23.47 million
  7. North Carolina (No. 37): $23.46 million
  8. Louisville (No. 38): $23.43 million
  9. Syracuse (No. 39): $23.22 million
  10. Pittsburgh (No. 40): $23.13 million
  11. Boston College (No. 48): $21.35 million
  12. Virginia (No. 51): $20.33 million
  13. NC State (No. 54): $19.19 million
  14. Georgia Tech (No. 61): $17.38 million
  15. Wake Forest (No. 63): $16.61 million


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