Doeren on satellite camps: ‘What Michigan did was smart’


NC State football coach Dave Doeren joined The David Glenn Show on Wednesday to talk about the Wolfpack’s spring game from this past weekend, interacting with Philip Rivers and his thoughts on the NCAA’s recent decision to ban satellite camps.

After arriving at Michigan a year ago, Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh held football camps in talent-rich states such as Florida, Texas and California to expose prospects in other regions to his program. Under this new NCAA rule, coaches will no longer be able to hold satellite camps.

“You want to have as many opportunities as possible to not just recruit but have your brand out there,” Doeren said. “What Michigan did was smart. They took advantage of an opportunity. They had the budget to do it. Being a northern school, which I’ve been before — being able to get down into the South where there’s a lot of talent, for them, was intelligent.”

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