Bailey on NC State’s 1983 title run: ‘It represented courage’


Former NC State big man Thurl Bailey stopped by The David Glenn Show on Tuesday to talk about visiting the White House with the Wolfpack’s 1983 national championship team earlier this week.

During the conversation, Bailey talked about meeting President Barack Obama, whether or not he would run for office and what made the Pack’s ’83 team unique.

“When people come to me and talk to me about knowing the story of the journey of our team, a lot of it really isn’t about basketball,” Bailey said. “A lot of it is about what it represented. It represented courage. It represents what a team of people can do when they’re together and they have a common goal in mind.”

Bailey drew parallels between working together in sports and coming together in politics.

“These are just symbols of what sports is all about and sometimes even what politics should be about, when you’re talking about reaching across the aisle and trying to come together on things that will benefit our country.”

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