Clawson’s success might attract attention of other programs

Every win counts when you’re building a program. Every time a team puts another win on the board, it legitimizes the coaching staff’s plan to players, recruits and donors.

So it’s not surprising that Wake Forest football coach Dave Clawson said that the Deacons must treat Saturday’s game against Boston College as their “Super Bowl.”

But why might it not be a big deal if the Deacons closed out their season with a loss to Boston College? Well, too many wins can make that rebuilding coach a little too attractive to other schools.

Dave Clawson has proven he can rebuild programs. His work to get Wake Forest bowl eligible in his third season has cemented that reputation.

Clawson’s enthusiasm and leadership also led to a significant round of funding by donors. That resulted in a new indoor practice facility and a sports performance center being built.

That work is also getting him noticed around the country.

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