Abu remains undecided on future


With one week remaining for underclassmen to withdraw from the NBA Draft, Abdul-Malik Abu has not yet made a definitive decision on his future.

Abu declared for the draft in March without hiring an agent, and while the NC State power forward hasn’t been a first-round projection at any point, his future plans remain impossible to predict.

When the 6-8, 240-pounder didn’t receive an invite to the NBA Draft Combine, ESPN reported that he was “seriously considering” either hiring an agent or transferring out of NC State’s program. That news, of course, didn’t seem positive for the Wolfpack’s chances of returning their starter at the 4.

On Monday, however, NCSU signed 5-star center Omer Yurtseven of the 2016 class. That addition could potentially influence Abu’s decision given that Abu could stay at power forward if Yurtseven clears his NCAA hurdles.

As of Wednesday, though, Abu was still keeping his options open. He told Comcast SportsNet New England the following:

“It could go either way. I feel I’m really close to my dream. Who’s to say I wouldn’t be able to do the same thing next year? But it’s a win-win for me; I can’t lose. I have a great situation going back to N.C. State. If I can chase my dream and play in the NBA, I wouldn’t have any complaints either.”

As a sophomore, Abu averaged 12.9 points and 8.8 rebounds per game. He shot 49 percent from the field.