Doeren Will Stump For Brissett 'When The Time Is Right'

Thanks to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and a few others the political season is underway. Polls and predictions are endless, campaign stops and stumps proliferate.

Fortunately, we haven’t quite reached that point of the college football season yet. You know, the time where coaches are carefully choosing their words to make sure their teams or players are getting their just rewards.

NC State head coach Dave Doeren had plenty of good things to say about his team’s 49-21 win over Troy when he joined The David Glenn Show on Thursday. Many of those good things were about his quarterback, Jacoby Brissett, who is in his second season as starter for the Wolfpack. Brissett completed 21-of-23 passes (and one was a throw away) for 196 yards, 2 touchdowns and no turnovers. It’s the kind of game that, if paired with more wins and more impressive performances, can start drawing national attention.

Doeren agrees that the play he is seeing from Brissett is worthy of recognition.

“I think he’s put himself in there where if he keeps doing it he will be,” Doeren said of those conversations–the ones that start with ACC year-end awards and move up the ladder from there.

Doeren also knows that while Eastern Kentucky and the rest of the Wolfpack schedule is the team’s main focus, there is definitely a time and place for pushing a player’s name into consideration.

“Absolutely, when the time is right,” Doeren confirmed. “I’ve always been an advocate of his and I’ll be a national advocate of his when the time is right. He deserves everything he gets–he’s a great kid, a hard worker and he’s very talented.”

Listen to the whole conversation as Doeren joined David Glenn to talk Troy, Eastern Kentucky, helicopter recruiting and more.