NBA, NCAA push back June 3 withdraw deadline for early-entry draft prospects

The NCAA and NBA have pushed backed the deadline for men’s basketball players to withdraw from the 2020 NBA Draft. The current deadline was to take place on June 3; however, that’s been postponed indefinitely.

That initial date was to set occur 10 days after the Draft Combine took place. Two weeks ago, however, the NBA postponed the 2020 draft lottery and annual Draft Combine, which were initially set for May 19 and May 21-24, respectively.

There are still so many logistical hurdles for the league to clear, as it hopes to possibility resume its 2019-20 season amid the COVID-19 global pandemic.

As of right now, the draft is still set for June 25; that’s subject to change, too, however.

On Monday this week, the NBA sent ballots to teams for them to be selected and invited to the 2020 combine, whenever that takes place. Currently, there are 163 early-entrants from college basketball.


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