Palm: Boeheim’s suspension won’t impact Syracuse’s NCAA tournament hopes


With Selection Sunday less than two weeks away, CBS Sports bracketologist Jerry Palm made an appearance on The David Glenn Show to discuss tournament hopes for ACC teams, national title contenders and what, if any, impact Jim Boeheim’s suspension will have on Syracuse’s chances of reaching the Big Dance.

During Boeheim’s suspension earlier this season, the Orange were an unimpressive 4-5. Outside of that stretch, the team has a 15-6 record.

Boeheim’s absence may not carry much weight in the eyes of the selection committee.

“I would argue that was more a function of Syracuse’s schedule than Syracuse’s play,” Palm said. “If Syracuse is counting on some significant consideration for Jim Boeheim being out, they’re going to be sorely disappointed.”

Palm also talked about other ACC teams that could potentially find themselves on the bubble.

On Clemson: “It is too late for Clemson. There just isn’t enough games left in the season for them to build an at-large profile. They’re going to need to win their conference. The thing for Clemson is they’ve got a non-conference strength of schedule that’s around 330 out of 351. You’d have to be way into the tournament to overcome that, and Clemson can’t do that.”

On Georgia Tech: “They’ve got Louisville on the road and Pittsburgh at home. They have to win both those games to get on the bubble. Right now, they’re not. They’ve got a couple nice home wins, but that’s about it.”

On Florida State: “They’ve got a couple nice wins as well but just too many losses. Twelve losses is a lot. If Syracuse at home beats them, that’s 13. They lose in the conference tournament, which they’d have to do if they’re going to get an at-large bid, that’s 14. Not too many teams get in with 14 losses, and I don’t think Florida State would be one either.”

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