Jacobs: 2013 College Sports Quiz

Whatever your personal fortunes in 2013, sports was always there to provide distraction when you needed it. Just how closely you paid attention may be revealed by the following quiz. Then again, maybe you’re just a good guesser.

1. Kentucky guard Andrew Harrison, a freshman from Texas, is the No. 4 scorer on his team. What did he say about his prospects had he played against Michael Jordan when the former Tar Heel was in his prime?

a)      “Of course, he’d humble me. It would simply be an honor for me to be on the same court.”

b)      “I think he’d get a couple buckets here and there, but then I’d start to lock him down…Yeah, I think I’d get him.”

c)      “Who?”

d)      “He couldn’t be any better than Aaron, my twin brother. Aaron even looks like a better player.”

2. When Jim Grobe stepped down after 13 years as head coach at Wake Forest, he was tied for the most football wins in school history with 77. What was the nickname of Douglas Clyde “D.C.” Walker, the man whose victory total was matched by Grobe?

a)      “Tinkerbell”

b)      “Fathead”

c)      “Peahead”

d)      “Knucklehead”

3. N.C. State athletic history is littered with officials’ calls that fans will never forget, forgive, or forgo complaining about. Which of the following is not included in the modern litany of outrages?

a)      Former Wolfpack greats Chris Corchiani and Tom Gugliotta ejected from Florida State basketball game at Raleigh in 2012.

b)      Traveling call on Corchiani against Georgetown, rather than a basket and a fifth foul on Hoyas’ Alonzo Mourning, in the 1989 NCAA Tournament.

c)      N.C. State running back Bryan Underwood ruled out of bounds on third-quarter sweep, negating 83-yard run for go-ahead touchdown against Clemson in 2013.

d)      Spud Webb called for goaltending on a Jay Bilas shot in narrow 1984 loss at Duke.

4. What item was not found in or near the 2013 SUV driven by now-former North Carolina basketball player P.J. Hairston at a Durham traffic stop last June?

a)      Marijuana

b)      Handgun

c)      Auto rental agreement

d)      Textbook

5. According to one Web site’s July projections, Duke’s chances of winning the Coastal Division in the ACC were the same as Iowa State’s chances of finishing atop the Big 12. The Cyclones ended up ninth in their conference, 3-9 overall. The Blue Devils were first in their division. The odds against supremacy for each team were:

a)      100:1

b)      50:1

c)      40.1

d)      25:1

6. Which ACC men’s squads are on pace to set single-season school records for best free throw shooting in program history?

a)      Boston College, Clemson, Duke

b)      Boston College, Clemson, Pitt

c)      Clemson, Pitt, Syracuse

d)      Notre Dame, Pitt, N.C. State

7. Which ACC men’s squads are on pace to set single-season school records for worst free throw shooting in program history?

a)      North Carolina, Virginia, Wake Forest

b)      Clemson, Virginia, North Carolina

c)      Clemson, Virginia, Wake Forest

d)      Maryland, North Carolina, Wake Forest

8. Talk of play-generating, up-tempo offenses was rampant in college football this past summer. Of the following ACC bowl teams, which averaged the fewest plays per game through the end of the league season?

a)      Clemson

b)      Duke

c)      Florida State

d)      North Carolina

9.      Name the ACC player not born in Australia.

a)      Jordan Vandenberg, N.C. State

b)      Kyrie Irving, Duke

c)      Luke Schenscher, Georgia Tech

d)      Billy “The Kangaroo Kid” Cunningham, UNC

10.  Which was not the official name of one of this year’s 35 bowl games?

a)      S.D. County Credit Union Poinsettia

b)      National University Holiday

c)      Scholastic Aptitude Testing

d)      Fight Hunger

11.  Name the visiting team not wounded or sunk by its kicking game in the 2013 contest listed below.

a)      Detroit Lions at Philadelphia

b)      Alabama at Auburn

c)      Carolina Panthers at Buffalo

d)      Boston College at Maryland

12.  Which TV sports analyst was intimately involved in actions that resulted in several schools going on NCAA probation?

a)      Jalen Rose

b)      Terry Gannon

c)      Bob Knight

d)      Lou Holtz

13.  The University of Florida’s assistant football coaches were cumulatively the 10th-best paid staff among 104 public schools surveyed by USA Today. When Duke offensive coordinator Kurt Roper was hired in late December to fill the same position with the Gators, his $600,000 annual compensation matched which ACC assistant?

a)      Chad Morris, Clemson

b)      Ted Roof, Georgia Tech

c)      Tom O’Brien, Virginia

d)      Brent Venables, Clemson

ANSWERS: 1-b; 2-c; 3-d; 4-d; 5-c; 6-b; 7-a; 8-c; 9-d; 10-c; 11-a; 12-d; 13-c