A glance at the best rising ACC sophomores

NBA Summer League action has shifted from Orlando to Las Vegas this week, and it provides us with the first glimpse of how some of the league’s youngest players matriculate into the professional ranks. As you would expect, Summer League features a lot of one-and-done players, like Brandon Ingram (Los Angeles Lakers) or Jamal Murray (Denver Nuggets), who could easily be in summer classes and counseling at their school’s basketball camps if they decided to return for their second season of college hoops. While some of the ACC’s top level talent darted for the NBA, several gifted players are back, primed for larger roles during their sophomore campaigns.

It can be fun to extrapolate statistics. That’s one way to analyze the productivity of a certain player or team or lineup combination. However, we should also understand that this practice, while entertaining, is far from an accurate projection. Just because a player rates out to another metric doesn’t mean there’s any guarantee that he or she will achieve that level of utility: correlation isn’t causation. There are just too many variable that go unaccounted.

That said, there’s valuable information in here, too. By prorating their statistics over the course of a full 40-minute game, here’s a look at who could be poised for an even stronger performance during their second trip through the league. Remember: there’s no adjustment for pace here, which has a significant impact on these totals, too.

Players highlighted played a minimum of 300 minutes last season.

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