Durham: ACC needs to consider setting up its schedule differently


Fox Sports play-by-play man Wes Durham joined The David Glenn Show on Tuesday to share his thoughts on ACC Player of the Year, the league’s decision to reprimand Grayson Allen for tripping Xavier Rathan-Mayes and how the conference schedule negatively impacts its teams’ seeding in the NCAA tournament.

Durham stated that the ACC is creating a problem for itself by scheduling so many of its best games toward the end of the regular season.

“The ACC has back-loaded the schedule. It means you’re going to have an NFL-like run here to the tape,” Durham said. “Nationally, when you see that, you say, ‘Well, Carolina’s not very good. Duke might not be very good. X, Y, Z might not be very good. They don’t deserve that many teams in because that league’s not very good.'”

That perception comes into play when the selection committee determines the field for the Big Dance.

“This league is as good as it’s been in a long time, and yet they’re only going to get seven teams,” Durham said of how many ACC squads will likely make the NCAA tournament.

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