ACC Halloween Costumes to look out for this year

Still in need of an idea for a Halloween costume? We’ve got you covered. The Twitterverse has spoken, and here are the top nominations for 2015 #ACCHalloweenCostumes:

Mike London-Bridge-is-falling-down

RuPaul Johnson

Santa Clawson

Dalvin and the Chipmunks

Frankenstein Beamer

Bimbo Fisher

Deshaun Watson and Crick

Kermit (the Frog) Whitfield

A Jacket-o’-lantern

Wake Forest Gump

Chucky Hodges

Chris Evert Golson

Pasta Narduzzi

Weird Al Golden

Dwayne Norman Bates

James Michael Myers McAdoo

Mike Tele-Tobey

Scuba Steve Addazio

Have any more ideas? Hit us up on Twitter and send them our way at @ACCSports.