David Cutcliffe talks College Football Playoff with Michael Kelly

College Football Playoff chief operating officer Michael Kelly dropped by The David Glenn Show on Wednesday to discuss the new playoff format with Duke football coach and guest host David Cutcliffe. The 2014-15 season will mark the first year under the new format.

This season, the Sugar Bowl and Rose Bowl will play host to the semifinal matchups within the four-team playoff, and both games will be played on New Year’s Day. Kelly discussed why he believes the format will be an enormous success.

“We’re taking a sports holiday and putting it on a real holiday, and we think that’s not only going to take the excitement that already exists and is always growing for college football but now put it on an actual holiday,” Kelly said. “That’s going to explode.”

During the interview, Kelly also talked about the selection process, educating fans on the new system and the importance of bowl tradition.

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