EA Sports to bring back EA Sports College Football — just not in 2021

After nearly a full decade without EA Sports College Football, EA Sports announced that it plans to bring the once wildly popular video game back.

EA Sports canceled the series back in 2013 following a class-action lawsuit brought on by former college athletes for unauthorized use of the name, image and likeness (NIL). This lawsuit would eventually result in a $60 million settlement.

With the announcement, though, comes plenty more waiting for those anticipating the game’s release. It won’t happen this year — 2021.

Currently, EA Sports is working with collegiate licensing company CLC to ensure it has various aspects ready for the product, including FBS schools (100+ will be in the game), uniforms, stadiums, mascots, playbooks, among other items. However, game developers will move forward without using any real names or likenesses of players.

As of right now, NCAA athletes are prohibited from cashing in on their NIL rights while in college. That, too, could change in the next year; there’s positive momentum in several different arenas, at the moment.