Dan Bonner breaks down how Kevin Stallings can help Pitt


CBS Sports analyst Dan Bonner joined The David Glenn Show on Monday to discuss what went wrong for Virginia in the Elite Eight, UNC’s keys to advancing to the Final Four and which team he likes in Oklahoma-Villanova. During the conversation, he also shared his thoughts on Pitt hiring Kevin Stallings as its new head coach.

“I think the issue with which they are dealing at Pittsburgh that Kevin Stallings is going to have to deal with is that moving from the Big East was a little bit difficult for them in terms of their recruiting,” Bonner said. “They did an awful lot of recruiting in the New York area and Eastern Pennsylvania in places where they could sell the kids on the fact that ‘we’re playing in the Big East, your parents are going to get to see you play a lot,’ and I think it’s just a different animal.”

“Pittsburgh is a fabulous sports town, and I think it’s going to be a fabulous place for the ACC to be,” Bonner stated. “But I think the people in Pittsburgh have to get adjusted to that, and I think that’s an adjustment that Kevin Stallings can help them with.”

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