ACC Fantasy Football Diary: Week Five Recap

For a moment or two, I thought I wouldn’t have much to write in this entry. Team You People is rolling along, having collected its third straight win, 85-73 over Team Noles in a clear victory for creative team names.

(By the way, if you’re new to the diary – and most likely you are – my co-owner Matt and I got the name You People from former N.C. State coach Chuck Amato. It was the phrase he used to address the media at large – i.e. “You people thought we had no chance,” or “You people are too caught up in stats.” That sort of thing. It was annoying and amusing at the same time.)

We’re now 4-1, in sole possession of second place, with the second-highest point total in the league. We’re going up against the league doormat Team We Make Do this week. On the surface, there’s very little angst. And angst is what people like to share when it comes to their fantasy teams.

Don’t worry, I won’t disappoint.

First, allow me to pat my own metaphorical back for picking up BC running back Montel Harris on the waiver wire early last week. All he did was rack up 32 points for You People.

In fact, it was an epic day on the ground for You People. In a football miracle just short of the Immaculate Reception, Florida State rolled up the rushing yards and my guy Antone Smith was the main benificiary. Over 150 yards and 3 TDs. 33 points. So that’s 65 points combined from our running backs.

Wait for it …. wait for it …

That, of course, means the rest of our freaking lineup scored only 20 points. Cue the angst.

My starting QB Cullen Harper scored a whopping TWO points. The only thing that gives me comfort about picking him No. 2 overall in our draft is that That Guy took Josh Haden at No. 1. The Free Willy Korn movement grows daily in upstate South Carolina, with my anxiety marching along in lock-step.

Remember that clever plan to draft Peter Lalich so we could use him during Harper’s two off weeks? Well that took a turn when Lalich got booted off the team. No worries. Thanks to my quick thinking, we pounced on Lalich’s backup, Marc Verica. The same guy that threw four picks against Duke last week.

It all prompted me to send a text to Matt midway through Saturday: “We need 2 QBs.”

I’ve since moved back off the ledge a little bit. We’ll hold on to Harper for now and we don’t have any better options than Verica – shudder – during Clemson’s bye week. Yippee.

Meanwhile, the UVA QB sinkhole isn’t exactly doing wonders for our TE, John Phillips, or for newly acquired WR Kevin Ogletree (two points against Duke). And BC’s run first, run second and then run third game plan against Rhode Island doesn’t bode well for Brandon Robinson.

See how I did it? You People is one of the top teams in the league, yet I’ve pretty much convinced myself we’re going down the drain.

Next up we play the league Commish, who’s on a two-game losing streak. He’ll be without Clemson RB James Davis and Wake TE Ben Wooster, thanks to byes, so that makes me feel better.

Not much better, but a little.