Rece Davis: ‘Why Can’t College Athletes Profit on Their Status?’

Rece Davis of ESPN joined The David Glenn Show on Thursday to talk college sports, and one major topic of discussion was unionization.

Davis acknowledged that while the current system is extremely flawed, he doesn’t believe unionization is the smartest path to take.  He does, however, support the idea of high-end college athletes being able to profit on their status.

“North Carolina basketball players are very marketable guys during their time in North Carolina,” Davis said.  “Same for the Duke guys, the N.C. State guys.  Why can’t they profit on their status right now?  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.”

Several players in the ACC fit that description, and Davis provided one particular example.

“If Eric Ebron, during his time at North Carolina, had someone who wanted to hire him to sign autographs in July, then why can’t he do that?  Why wouldn’t he be able to do it? He should be able to do that.”

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