Jay Bilas: ‘Officiating is Better than It’s Ever Been’

Former Duke standout and current ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas was a guest on today’s edition of The David Glenn Show, and among the topics discussed was the state of officiating in college basketball.  Bilas, while acknowledging there’s an issue with consistency, stated that the quality of officiating is much better now than it was during his playing days.

“The officiating is better than it’s ever been,” Bilas said.  “And if you really want to go back to the ’80s, when frankly I can tell you from experience the officiating stunk relative to today, go ahead.  Because it’s way better today.”

During the interview, David Glenn also asked Bilas for his take on Marquette hiring Steve Wojciechowski and a breakdown of this year’s Final Four teams.  Click below to hear the whole thing.