David Glenn: ‘No Such Thing as Systemic Starving College Athletes’

Connecticut guard Shabazz Napier raised many eyebrows earlier this month when he told reporters that he sometimes goes to bed starving.  The comments provoked even more scrutiny of the NCAA at a time in which the organization is already under the microscope.

On Monday, Shawn Krest of ACCSports.com provided a breakdown of how much meal money and food there is available to college athletes, and radio host David Glenn also weighed in with his take on Wednesday.

“There is no such thing as systemic starving college athletes, period,” Glenn said.  “It is an absolute fraud.”

He also said that, while he believes Napier isn’t necessarily lying, the UConn star’s comments were misleading.

“If he went to bed hungry, he forgot that he could have stuffed his pockets and an army bag full of all the healthy snacks he was allowed to have.  He just forgot.”

Click below to hear the entire clip.