A Look at ACC “Fire the Coach” Site Availability

FireCoachGolden.com recently went live, calling for the head of Miami’s head coach. 

So far, Al Golden is the only coach to have an online campaign being actively waged against him. Here’s a look at the status of other potential “Fire the Coach” sites. 

Most coaches are fairly safe, with domain names calling for their firing still available for purchase. 


A few, including Pitt’s Paul Chryst and Duke’s David Cutcliffe, have been purchased and “parked”, either for future use or to block anyone from mounting a campaign against the coach. 

 NC State has not only purchased the domain names FireDoeren.com and FireDaveDoeren.com, but the URLs direct back to the home page for NC State athletics. FireMarkGottfired.com also takes you to the Wolfpack athletics page. 

Similarly, FireFrankBeamer.com takes the user to Beamer’s official web page. 

Other sites are ready to go, with dummy content posted, just waiting for an outcry against the coach. 

Dabo Swinney has two sites locked and loaded, just waiting for him to start losing–FireDaboSwinney.com and FireDabo.com.

FirePaulJohnson is up, but based on the only fact posted on the site, it hasn’t been updated since Fall, 2012. 

Notre Dame followers created FireBrianKelly, which is a series of message boards that don’t appear to have been updated in six months. 

FirePetrino.com has a message that the site is “almost here”, and FireLondon.com is up and running, but it appears to have nothing to do with the Virginia head coach.

On the basketball side, Notre Dame’s Mike Brey and PItt’s Jamie Dixon have fire-the-coach sites up with dummy content posted (a photo of Brey and one line of text about Dixon).

Perhaps the most entertaining basketball site is FireRoyWilliams.com, which features a light blue background and humorous reactions to the call for Williams’ job, presumably from Roy himself.