Swofford: ACC has ‘best media partner you can have in sports’


ACC commissioner John Swofford paid a recent visit to The David Glenn Show to talk about feedback he received on this year’s league tournament in Washington, D.C., how much money the conference makes off football compared to basketball and what the future looks like for how viewers will consume sports down the road.

Swofford stated that while keeping up with technology will continue to be a priority moving forward, he believes the ACC is in an excellent spot given its partnership with ESPN.

“You’re really well served if you’re in bed with an outstanding media partner, and I think we’re in bed with the best media partner you can have in sports in ESPN,” the commissioner said. “They’re where they are for good reason. They’re progressive in their thinking and will continue to be, and we need to do the same.”

During the conversation, Swofford also talked about his own future in his current role as well as whether or not it’s a concern that the league isn’t getting more than half of its teams in the NCAA tournament. Click below to hear the full interview: