David Glenn on Wendell Carter, Duke and ASM: “The amount of money involved is very, very important”

In the Yahoo Sports report on the federal investigation into corruption in college basketball, Wendell Carter — Duke’s star freshman — is named.

According to the report, Carter is one of several players to have a meal with Chris Dawkins — an ASM sports agent, and one of the people arrested last September as part of the FBI’s investigation. The report states that it was Carter’s mother who had a meal with Dawkins.

As David Glenn explains, though, this situation with Wendell Carter and Duke differs from what UNC is dealing with Brice Johnson and Tony Bradley — or Dennis Smith Jr.

“There might be no violation at all. It is not illegal for a mom or a dad — or even a player — to have a meal with somebody.” The important details, according to Glenn, are: who paid for the meal, and what was the dollar amount. That stuff is criticial.


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