Ratings: The ACC’s Biggest Hits and Bombs

Here are the ACC’s 10 highest-rated games for this past season (excluding the NCAA and postseason NIT tournaments)

Viewers (000s)   Date      Game              

4745                     2/1      Duke at Syracuse

4159                     2/22    Syracuse at Duke

3498                     3/8      UNC at Duke

3168                     3/16    Virginia vs. Duke (ACC Tournament Final)

2977                     11/12  Duke vs. Kansas

2719                     12/14  Kentucky at UNC

2450                       3/1    Syracuse at Virginia

2285                       2/20   Duke at UNC

2244                       12/4   UNC at Michigan State

2223                        2/12  Syracuse at Pitt


And here are the 10 lowest-rated national games involving ACC teams

Viewers (000s)   Date      Game              

1                          12/28    VCU at Boston College

28                        12/29    Canisius at Notre Dame

36                        11/29    Mississippi vs. Georgia Tech

43                        11/23    Boston College at Washington

48                        12/29    Georgia Tech at Charlotte

55                        11/17    Florida Atlantic at Boston College

62                        11/20    Lehigh at Pitt

64                        12/8      Virginia Tech at Miami

67                         1/21     Georgia Tech at Boston College

82                        12/21   Virginia Tech at VCU

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