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DG on UNC football suspensions: It goes beyond what went wrong, and it goes to: how bad did it get?

On Monday, North Carolina handed down suspensions to 13 members of the football team for the sale of school-issued sneakers. Among those suspended: quarterback Chazz Surratt (seven starts in 2017) and defensive end Malik Carney.

David Glenn explains on his radio show how what happened at UNC differs from previous scandals/issues with college athletes selling gear — for instance, NC State basketball in the late 1980s.

According to DG, the NCAA wants to assess: How bad did things get? In a broad sense, that’s evaluated along two points: one being size and scope; the other relates to how/what school employees — coaches, administrators, etc. — do to stop the problem. How quickly did you catch the scandal? What was the punishment?

Click below to listen to the remainder of Glenn’s segment on what happened this week in Chapel Hill, and why it differs from NC State in the 1980s.


Listen to David Glenn on UNC Football


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