ACC Fantasy Position Rankings: Kickers And DEF/ST

We’re ranking the best ACC players at each position according to their fantasy football value.

The last remaining positions are kicker and defense/special teams. We’re not going to go into much detail here, but we’ll rank each team’s kicker and each team’s defense from 1-through-15.

Alongside each item is a number. That number represents Fantasy Points Per Game, which was calculated using 2013’s statistics.


Kickers receive one point for an extra point, three points for a field goal up to 39 yards, four points for a field goal 40-49 yards and five points for a field goal 50 yards or longer. They also lose a point for a missed extra point or a missed field goal of any length.

1. Roberto Aguayo, Florida State (11.86 FPPG in 2013)

2. John Wallace, Louisville (8.31)

3. Kyle Brindza, Notre Dame (7.85)

4. Niklas Sade, NC State (7.42)

5. Ammon Lakip, Clemson (N/A)

6. Matt Goudis, Miami (7.23)

7. Ross Martin, Duke (6.86)

8. Michael Branthover, Virginia Tech (N/A)

9. Harrison Butker, Georgia Tech (6.38)

10. Chris Blewitt, Pittsburgh (6.31)

11. Alex Howell, Boston College (N/A)

12. Ryan Norton, Syracuse (4.64)

13. Thomas Moore, North Carolina (6.31)

14. Chad Hedlund, Wake Forest (4.0)

15. Ian Frye, Virginia (5.0)


Defenses/special teams receive six points for a touchdown, two points for a safety, two points for an interception, two points for a fumble recovery and one point for a sack. They also receive or lose the following amount of fantasy points, depending on how many points their opponents score in a game.

  • 0 points allowed=5 points
  • 1-6 points allowed=4 points
  • 7-13 points allowed=3 points
  • 14-17 points allowed=1 point
  • 18-27 points allowed=0 points
  • 28-34 points allowed=(-1 point)
  • 35-46 points allowed=(-3 points)
  • 46+ points allowed=(-5 points)

1. Florida State (14.79 FPPG in 2013)

2. Miami (9.62)

3. Clemson (9.38)

4. North Carolina (9.15)

5. Louisville (13.23)

6. Virginia Tech (7.46)

7. Duke (7.93)

8. Virginia (4.83)

9. Syracuse (6.54)

10. Notre Dame (5.62)

11. Georgia Tech (7.08)

12. Boston College (6.0)

13. NC State (5.67)

14. Pittsburgh (4.31)

15. Wake Forest (6.92)

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